Waves of Creation, Birth Without Fear

Hypnobirthing embraces giving birth peacefully in an extraordinarily beautiful manner just as energy effortlessly transcends our earth into an vast array of living entities. How is it that one of the most beautiful things in our known reality is grown into reality with only one conscious motion?

Birth only takes one initial intention of conception to conceive a whole new life form. The expansion of another multi celled living organism continues inside of you whether you are aware of it or not. It does not take your conscious mind any thought to preform the magic of creation that unfolds over the 280 days of propagation.10403023_905529112808860_473200596699094590_n That essence inside knows exactly how many times to divide in just the right amount of time with no help from your mind. The blueprints are sketched into our genes, they have been written on sunflowers and encoded in all life. This movement of consciousness has been creating since the beginning of the expansion of our universe.

   Our mother Gaia has been singing her birth song gently, moving slowly and manifesting all creation, plants and animals, oceans and forests. Creation is embedded into our being, it is something our bodies understand physiologically that unfolds naturally. This inherit power of birth can be utilized with the help of Hypnobirthing. It allows you to over come fear, tension and stress before, during and after birthing. Which often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and shortens the first stage of labor.

tumblr_md1lod3yh01qghwn1o1_1280 Instinctively we know what to do when giving birth, just as a women’s heart knows how and when to pump. Her lungs to inhale and her hand to pull back from fire, she knows when and how to give birth. “300,000 mothers will be giving birth today, time becomes frozen as women by women, birth by birth. They are all connected through their bodies and songs. It knows no boundaries, no color, no races. It fills all their bodies, their hearts, souls and faces. The sounds of each women as she sings the birth song.” Hypnotherapy brings this song to life because it takes your doubts and throws them out with each breathe.

The greatest secret of life is the law of attraction. Once you understand this, anything you want can be yours. What does that mean? Your current thoughts are affecting your future life. What you think about or focus on will appear.

This principle is found in the writings of great philosophers, poets, authors and thinkers through the ages. It is found in all religions and civilizations throughout the world. Like attracts like. The principles hold true in both physics and psychology.


How does this affect birth? To get the birth and life you want you need to start focusing on what you desire. Self-hypnosis may release emotions tied to fear-based stories and misinformation about labor and birthing. This freedom grants you the vision to view natural childbirth as normal and healthy. Letting go of your fears, doubts and pessimistic thinking. Embracing what you want. Focus on it to the exclusion of all else and it will come to you.


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