Harmony Within Reiki


Reiki Healing has been around since the dawn of creation, yet it has been forgotten in the mist of our current age. Thankfully, Reiki is becoming more mainstream because of its stellar healing abilities. The word “reiki” is translated from the Japanese words: rei (universal) and ki (life energy). Reiki activates the natural healing processes, which exist within all life. Earthling’s here on our planet are experiencing energy and life force in every moment but sometimes even energy can become stagnant, blocked or overactive depending on our environments, actions and thoughts. Reiki Masters understand this concept and are attuned to source energy so they can step away from their physical mind and body to create a vessel, a channel if you will, to allow energy to move freely and effortlessly through earth, ourselves and source. This ancient knowledge harnesses our inherent power of source to heal and empower us into aliment and harmony with our highest well being. reiki-master-healed-by-the-light-slideshow-3

Energy Healing is something that has been absent in the modern American century of technology and distraction. We are stuck in our minds disconnected from our bodies and spirits, lost wandering around worried about the past or future. Reiki brings back awareness into our bodies and minds so we can be mindful of the present moment. Although Reiki is extremely beneficial for a number of things it is not an end all answer to illness and ailments. If disease has manifested into your body there has been an imbalance of elements for quite some time and a large amount of factors play a role in your healing process. Having said that, Reiki is always beneficial as it typically makes the situation less stressful and allows healing to start taking place. Alternate Medicines such as Reiki are being combined with traditional methods to enhance the techniques and treatments to provide a more natural and speedy recovery.3212797_orig

Integrating Reiki into your life doesn’t mean you have to become a Reiki Master or dedicate your whole life to this practice. All it takes is a little intention, trust and reception to source to learn how to tune in. Adding sound healing, hypnotherapy, nutrition and many other modalities to Reiki also elevate sessions.    People practice Reiki all the time and not even realize it, like when a child gets hurts and seeks his mother to kiss the wound.  Try bringing Reiki ener1fb0a481aeb39309c96af5ca5e506a83gy into your reality by doing this exercise;   bring your hands into “Namaste” position at the heart and bow gently. Silently ask for the Reiki to Flow into and through you.



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