Surrendering Resistance

The illusion of sadness, pain, and suffering was created by your deeply confused and conflicted mind as you live life inauthentic, denying your truth/life passions for money and ego- silencing your intuition because of fear. 

Compressing your light and love has created blocks of energy, stagnate energy, unable to flow freely. Resulting in illness within- then manifesting into physical reality.

This sickness of depression makes you strive for answers to cure your bleeding heart, the emptiness that dwells within the lacking of self love and completion of yourself. Alluding to an endless journey of misery and self destruction tangled in brief moments of satisfaction which is the only serenity your brain connects with, never feeling completely total. 

Most people do not realize true and utter ecstasy because they have yet to remember the experience of expansion, since we have been living in a period of illusion the ego has created. The grey area of this era is slowly fading, transforming and cascading into brilliant white light of infinite energy. 

Free yourself to the essence of all that is and flow with the waves of revolution. These changes have been taking place before you were “born” and will continue after your “death”. This is/has been happening in all dimensions of observation at once ( since there is only one ever lasting moment of now ) but since we are made out of matter our “time” and perception see, feel, and experience metamorphosis/evolution much differently then higher realities and entities. 

It is because of this process we can grow, renew, and evolve. It is the true magic of fully understanding what is needed for each and everyone of us right now to expand our intelligence and consciousness… let this be THE day to stop focusing of the past or future and start looking at the entire picture as a whole… As a constant movement of right now. With the positive, negative, and neutral being a beautiful and special part of the collective, acting as a symbiotic technique of divine guidance. 

Surrendering your resistance to the powers of the unknown, embracing nature, fate, and the cosmos so love can transmute the vibrations of the earth into the unexpected! 

~ ∞ Much love and affection from deep down in my being -Sherene Jean Marie


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