Work With Me


I’m here just for you.

I am a catalystguiding force, and keeper of your storyI will meet you where you are, and take you where you want to be.

Together, we’ll create a safe space for you to dig deep into your biggest challenges while giving you all the attention (and results) you deserve.

The best part is there is NO JUDGMENT and NO DIETING….

Just you and I, one on one.

These packages are serious accountability, guidance & support for those who are finally ready to address The Standard American Diet, weight loss and food issues, while providing the structure you need to let go of all the “rules” arout2222222nd food.

I will be teaching you how to break down subconscious walls with Guided Imagery (Hypno Therapy).

Coaching you into a mean clean eating, shopping and cooking machine.

Not only will you gain self confidence, you will learn a whole new perspective in the process. This is not a quick-fix, but a lasting and sustainable lifestyle.